Warby Parker.

I love my hot pink glasses. I honestly do, but sometimes … Well it just isn’t the most professional. (Particularly when I wear a pink skirt and carry a pink notebook!) Ever since Carly of College Prepster did a post on Warby Parker I have been ever so slightly in love with the glasses, from the try at home service to the designs.

My current obsession is tortoise shell, still quirky but not as attention seeking as my pink glasses. The folks at Warby Parker sent me a few shots of their new fall line and they had some [INSERT ADJECTIVE HERE] tortoise shell glasses:

1071 TAL WARBY 09-127-04-04LR

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.14.24

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 18.14.33

Tortoise shell anything is great for my favourite outfit, jeans, scarf, jumper and riding boots! Silently hoping that Warby Parker open a store in the UK sometime soon. Just to save on the delivery cost!!