What’s in my Le Pliage?

Monday marked the last teaching semester of my University life, with a lovely 6 module timetable that is filled to the brim, along with a dissertation to complete. I could not be happier that this is my final semester. I enjoy learning but hate the constant examinations and after 4 years at University, I am excited to move on.

I got given my Longchamp as an 18th birthday present from family friends who lived in Paris. They saw the massive growth of the Le Pliage bag it gain ‘it bag’ status. This bag is a blogger favourite and is perfect for a day of lectures.


{The contents of my bag}

1. Keys.

2. Umbrella; it rains a lot in the UK!

3. Macbook; I would not be able to do my degree without it! The Toy Story obsession continues with my Woody sticker.

4. Pencil Case; you can never have enough highlighters and pens.

5. Filofax {similar} and Cross Pen; I find writing dates down a lot easier than putting them on an online calendar. Call me old fashioned, but it is an easier way to see upcoming deadlines and appointments.

6. iPhone; reaching the end of it’s life an upgrade is needed soon.

7. Tissues and cold tablets; I always have a cold. I am always that annoying person who is sneezing in lectures.

8. Lip Balm; one of my favourite beauty products, really helps my chapped lips. I may have been known to pinch a tube from my Mum!

9. Glasses; my beloved hot pink glasses.

10. Notebook; need to write notes for lectures sometimes.

11. Wallet {similar}; sadly tends to be fairly empty. I loved that neon yellow colour of this Kate Spade wallet, and bought it in one of their flash sales.

12. Water bottle; one of my 101 goals was to drink more water. So carrying a filled water bottle encourages me to drink, the Uni doesn’t have a lot of water fountains