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We’ve done beauty, tops and skirts now it’s the all important footwear. Whether you wear flats or heels, make sure your shoes are polished and avoid scuffs wear possible! It instantly detracts from your look. I try and wear a mix of heels and flats and if commuting, I just commute in my flats.

Put A Heel on It.

Heels can be a real game changer, however do bear in mind you are going to the office, not a club. Keep the heel height modest. Patent leather is going to be your new best friend, easy to clean and take care of. Colour choices are widely available, typically most people stick to black, nude or navy. I am loving these Tortoise Printed Patent Court.

Put a Heel on It.

M&S Stiletto High Heel Platform Court Shoes, L.K. Bennet Stila Patent Leather Court, HOBBS London Juliet Court

Functional Flats.

Functional Flats.

Flats don’t have to be the plain jane ballet flat, they can have loads of detailing to add to your outfit. You can change it up with a more pointed-toe flat or changing the material from leather to suede.

New Look Black Patent Metal Snaffle Trim Loafers, Zara Patent Slip-On Shoes, Topshop Sparrow Glitter Slipper Shoes

New shoes can be ouchy, make sure to pack plasters!