Workwear Wardrobe | Summer Colours

Workwear Wardrobe Summer Colours

The bright days are here! Which means it is now okay, to wear bright colours. I love colour and working in the corporate world which is a sea of black and grey can really dampen your mood. Equally wearing bright colours when it’s dark outside just draws unwanted attention! Until September I am aiming to wear one bright piece of clothing every day.

Shoe Brights

Post winter and trudging to the train every day my shoes were worn completely through the soles. (The black pair aren’t bright yes, but do have a lovely print effect). The orange shoes brighten up any outfit, and leopard is the definition of chic. All the shoes are from Marks and Spencers, I bought the orange pair a month ago, they were pricey but easy and comfortable to break into, which sold me for the other purchases.

Neon Tweeds

My love for tweed is well documented on the workwear wardrobe posts, but this bargain dress was 20 quid from M&S and the aqua and grey is lovely for summer. A similar yellow shift and orange jacket!