1000 miles – six months in.

1000 miles six months in

Unmotivated. June summed up, at least in terms of running. I just couldn’t find the motivation to lace my trainers up and get the mileage in. I was still training in the gym and occasionally swimming, but me and running just weren’t getting on. A few injuries and sore legs, led to my lowest mileage of the year at 63.65 miles.

June Running

For the year that’s me just shy of 600 miles (596.6 miles). Is it weird that I prefer the solo cold winter runs? For whatever reason I find running in pitch black clears my head a lot better and leaves me feeling more refreshed! Does anyone else have this?

June did have one race, the Brian Goodwin 10K – two labs around Pollock Park with a beer and burger to finish. So no complaints there. I did manage to get round in 47:41 so continuing to consistently manage sub 50 10K times!

Brian Goodwin 10K

Brian Goodwin

Grassy paths and I are not friends! Hello sneezing.


Indoor track reps, leads to sweat. Lots and lots of sweat. Somehow running 200m in a circle is very mentally taxing and you really question if you can run that far.