Working from my home “office”

I’m not sure how it’s the end of May, I’ve been working from home for at least 12 weeks now. I started working in the living room and quickly bought a desk and moved to my spare room. So lucky to have the space to be able to do it. Having the separation between work and home has definitely helped me. No longer having the commute to switch off, was causing me to continue to think about work all evening. Being able to walk away from the spare room, which I am referring to the office, is definitely helping me.

Everyone who knows me, knows I love my flat and my personal space and making the flat Fie. Working from home as allowed me to create the perfect Fie work space. I miss the actual office, and the comfy chair and my colleagues and banter, but I am loving having my own space. My work has a clean desk policy. You can tell I like teal and pink! During my therapy we have been talking a lot about the power of affirmations and goals. I remember my teenage bedroom having posters and phrases everywhere. So I am channeling my inner teen and found these affirmations which now sit pride of place.

A positive to working from the window, is a lot of natural light. The negative is the glare from the window makes it look like I have a greasy forehead!

I am trying to be better at being content, and happy exactly where I am. Live more in the moment both with my work and personal life. Stop looking to the future and thinking what next. Directly above my desk I’ve got a photo of an Aperol Spritz, a sunset and the phrase:

Be grateful for where you’re at and excited about where you’re going