BrewDog Glasgow

BrewDog Glasgow - 1

BrewDog has been around for a while, going from that brewery in Ellon to having bars everywhere and beer widely available in all supermarkets. The brewery itself has also grown in size! Taking over a lot of spare land in Ellon. Anyway, BrewDog Glasgow, or rather the one beside Kelvingrove Park is amazing. My brother and I sat at a table that used to be an arcade game, definitely hipster cool.

BrewDog Glasgow - 2

Due to driving I wasn’t going to try any of the alcohol on offer, but I definitely want to try a coffee based beer one day.

BrewDog Glasgow - 3

BrewDog Glasgow - 4

Trivial pursuit and coffee? Definitely my kind of place. Although admittedly, I was better at drinking the coffee than correctly answering any of the trivial pursuit questions.

BrewDog Glasgow - 5

I went for the Up and Atom burger with paprika fries. It was amazing, lots of jalepenos, a great burger sauce and a non-soggy bun!

BrewDog Glasgow - 6