1000 miles – five months in.

1000 Miles - 5

Five months of 2016 have flown buy and I’ve managed to do another 119 miles, taking my yearly total to 530.4 miles. So I’d like to think I’m well on track to hit 1000 miles and even possibly exceed that.May 2016 runningMay saw the start of the 10K race season, if you look at that map you can see I did two runs, further west than my normal routes in Glasgow. This was for the Polaroid 10K series and I managed to PB in successive races, 48:08, and 48:05. So another goal of a sub 50 10K complete.

The sun has started to appear, so long gone are the days of thick running coats and gloves, after one slightly warm run from the Redbridge up to Spiers Wharf and back, we stopped for some well deserved ice creaming!

 I also started running through Victoria Park, the longer evenings mean the park is still open after work and it’s a lovely place with swans, flowers, and various winding paths.

Victoria Park Glasgow

Victoria Park Victoria Park Victoria Park