Neon for Nights.

Neon Free-Runs & Sweaty Betty Water Bottle

It’s winter, it’s dark. Motivation to go the gym is waning, running is cold, dark and routes are limited. The solution? Add in some neon clothing. From neon free-runs, to water bottles, and a glow-in-the-dark jacket.

Neon Free-Runs and Sweaty Betty Water Bottle

Having never run through winter before, I was admittedly unprepared for the concept of a night run. After a rather grumpy cyclist pointed out I wasn’t visible enough, I bought this jacket from the Nike Outlet. The photo below was taken with flash and as you can see, it’s pretty bright!

Neon Flash Jacket

The best tricks I’ve found in the last few weeks, pack your gym kit the night before, just like you did for PE. Spend fifteen minutes on a Sunday night planning your classes/sessions/runs/workouts, taking into account the weather for outdoor workouts, add them into your phone and you are definitely more likely to do it.

Still need some motivaiton?