NTC and NRC.

Nike Run Club Glasgow

Turns out there is a huge movement by many of the major sporting brands to offer free classes and runs from there respective stores. It’s a win-win for both the company and whoever is taking part. You get a free workout, whilst also inevitably making a purchase with that brand.

For the past few Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, I have been heading along to Nike on Buchanan Street to take part in both the run club and the training club.

The training starts at 5.30pm and you are literally working out in the ground floor, in the middle of all the kit. At first, I was admittedly so self-conscious about this but by the end of the hour, I was sweating so much that I hardly cared. Although, you do get a lot of onlookers watching trying to work out what’s going on!

Nike Training Club Glasgow

Thursday at 6.30pm is then onto intervals or a 5-7km run. The interval sessions have been a great way for me to improve my cardio fitness, whilst meeting a whole new group of people. Sunday mornings are longer runs, typically around an hour-an hour and a half. You tend to run so far in one direction, then loop back.

Nike Run Club Glasgow

A great way to keep fit, not pay for a gym membership, stay motivated and get a bit of a sweat on.