Tedx Glasgow

Tedx Glasgow

I was lucky enough to attend Tedx Glasgow last Friday and witnessed some incredible talks. The theme of the conference was A Disruptive World. Highlights for me included Anne Ellis talking about Rennie Mackintosh and the destruction that happened a few years ago in Glasgow School of Art with the fire that destroyed much of Mackintosh’s work. Ellis used to be a university lecturer and you could clearly tell, she had the whole audiences attention!

Ellis Watson spoke for his entire slot, with no slide-deck in another fascinating talk about nature vs nurture and how his being adopted affected him, as did reconnecting with his birth mother. Watson encouraged us all to stop being risk adverse and to live our lifes – don’t spectate your life. He asked us when was the last time we did something for the first time. Something I couldn’t answer.

My favourite speaker of the day was Laura Beveridge; her talk left everyone in tears and visibly moved. She described how she left care after 18 years with only a folder to her name and how the care system leaves children unloved, lonely and vulnerable. Her charity – Who Cares? Scotland does some great work surrounding neglected children and to raise awareness about the issues they face.

If you get the opportunity to attend a Ted or Tedx conference in your area could not recommend it more!

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