4 apps I love.

Cook with M&S, Jelly Splash, The Times App, A Beautiful Mess app

My beloved Mac decided it wanted a timeout, so it’s going to the Apple shop for a repair. So currently been using an iPad for the time being. Here are some of my favourite apps.

Cook with M&S

This app is utterly amazing. With a shopping list, step by step instructions complete with what you need at each step and an in app timer, which will go off when locked. The shopping list can be altered depending upon the number of people eating! Can’t wait to find some new recipes which I will definitely share.

The Times

My love of the paper and a coffee on a Sunday is well known. Having it on an iPad means I can read the paper in bed without having to get up. Sheer laziness, also gives great access to videos which you can’t get otherwise. The crossword and sudoku are great no need for a pencil and rubber which inevitably still ends up messy. Just delete any mistakes virtually!

Jelly Splash

SO addictive. Ben and I are competitive and keep spending hours playing it. Yes it’s a kids game, sort of like 2048 and candy crush but with Jellies. Sorry in advance if you love it and lose a whole day playing. (To get more lives, just change the time on your device forward and click in the app then change the time back.)

A Beautiful Mess

A blogger essential. A photo app that allows you to make collages, add text, borders and premade captions. Made by bloggers for bloggers.

What are your favourites?