6 Tips for any Internship.

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1. Dress Code
Figure out the company policy in dressing. Is casual Friday a thing? If so, remember it’s still work, leggings that are see through are probably not the best move. Keep it polished!

For day to day wear find heels that are comfortable to walk in. Top advice – commute to work flats. Practice wearing your clothes, sounds odd. But you want to make sure you are used to sitting at a desk in tights or proper trousers.

WorkOOTD, Navy trousers, Nude Heels, White shirt

WorkOOTDs, Black heels, Grey Skirt, Black tops, Yellow belt

2. Time
Buy a watch! You can’t afford to be showing up late or constantly checking your phone for the time. Be on time and punctual nobody likes an intern that is always late because they couldn’t get out of bed!

3. Ask questions
It doesn’t matter who you are talking to, if you have a question politely ask. You will learn so much more by asking, whether it’s about a particular task or asking your boss how they got to their position.

4. Write everything down
Best thing I did on my internship? Kept a day to day diary of meetings I attended, any troubleshooting I did that day as well as keeping a to-do list. So useful for if you have reviews with your manager and need to show exactly what you have done. Allows you to reflect on each day and prepare for the next day.

5. Coffee
As everyone knows coffee is my best friend just not for my bank account. Hey everyone wants the convenience of a coffee as they walk into work but the £2.50 for a cappuccino quickly becomes a daily habit and quite the expense. Try your best to limit your going out for coffee, buy a pretty mug and bring in your own coffee. Loads of people have cafetieres and ground coffee, so still proper coffee if you can’t stand instant. You’ll get a chance to talk to more people in the office when you are making a brew! Easy networking.

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6. Screen
The biggest struggle I had was being at my desk all day staring at a screen. Make sure to look away from the screen and taking a 5 minute break every hour. Go for a walk around the office or make a drink. Make sure you are drinking enough water! If you have glasses wear them! I was shocked just how difficult it was to look at a screen all day.