As you are all properly sick of hearing, I lived abroad for most of my childhood. So I became accustomed to having naturally sun-kissed hair. My hair was last dyed over the summer. My Mum’s first comment to me when she saw me last weekend was “your roots need done.” So last Friday I went to the hairdresser at Kippie Lodge in Aberdeen and was hoping to be transformed to my former blonde hue.

In honesty, I wasn’t. The hairdressers refused to touch my hair and rightly so. I have used sun-in, to try and help my hair and quite frankly it doesn’t. Apparently trying to put a tint on top would only cause my hair to continue to lighten, whenever I was in the sun. I was initially quite upset. However, the ladies at the salon were lovely and honest and I can’t fault them for not wanting to tint my hair, only to have me disappointed.

I did have some change, I added a side-fringe! I haven’t had a fringe since school and decided to go for a change, since cheer season is over so no more need for a quiff.

The ends of my hair were horrendous, so limp and lifeless. 2 inches later and look at the difference. My usual request for a hair cut, is to have a fake cut aka as little hair chopped as possible. Sadly there was no denying how much needed to be taken off! My hair looks a lot healthier as a result.

Adding in a fringe seems to have reduced the obviousness of my roots, you would notice the fringe before noticing my centre part and the roots.

Has anyone else had similar problems after using sun-in when going to a hairdressers? Overall, I am happy, my hair looks so much healthier and glossy. I am tempted to just leave the dye alone completely and just let my hair grow back to its natural dirty blonde state!