Things I learnt from my Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.


My Dad has taught me a lot over the years. Like how to open champagne, I am still terrified, so I normally just force him. Also how to pack, although he tends to tell me I am doing it wrong!!

Without Dad, I would never have got my first job as a sailing instructor or even learnt how to sail. When we lived in Dubai he signed both my brother and I up for sailing lessons, Grant hated it whilst I loved it! After finding the sport I quickly begged my Dad for a boat. To put it into context, second hand boats like the Laser are as little as 100 pounds give or take. Dad taught me a major lesson/mistake on his part. He promised that when I beat him in race, he would buy me my own boat. Queue about 10 months later and I beat him and true to his word  I got my very own Laser!

He’s also taught me the importance of money/savings and how to budget. Still working it all out.

Dads Bank

I am really looking forward to living in the same country as him, for the first time in four years all be it a 3 hour drive away. I will forever be a Daddy’s girl at heart (sorry Mum!).


He still doesn’t trust me to dress myself!