Feeling 22.

Yes, I did just link to that Taylor Swift video. But hey I am feeling 22.

My birthday was lovely, full of flowers and good food, some cheer training and university lectures.

The day started with a bouquet of flowers from Ben, lilies and roses.


We headed to my favourite Trago Lounge, for breakfast.


After a busy day, I came home to a delivery from my parents, a gorgeous bunch of Orchids. Singapore is my dream city, having visited a few times I have decided it is where I would love to work. Singapore is full of Orchids, it was a subtle way of my parents telling me to keep the end goal in sight.


I finished my birthday off with dinner at Mango’s. A Thai tapas bar at the bottom of my road. I have visited here slightly too often, so now know to ask for the green curry to be made spicier! The crispy beef gets better every visit.



Birthday celebrations are officially over, the rest of May is finishing coursework and the dreaded exams.