Final ICC Nationals with the Vixens.

The past weekend was long and exhausting but oh so worth it. Every year, ICC Nationals falls on the week that we lose an hour’s sleep! 5.20 am wakeups, bed at midnight, a lot of junk food and 13 hours spent in an arena with blasting music, are all part of the true Nationals experience.

The Vixens Hip-Hop squad WON their University Hip-Hop division, whilst comp squad came 3rd in the All Girl 3 Senior Large division.

Our routine on Saturday had a few bobbles, but on Sunday we hit the best routine of the season, we may not have won, but we hit our routine at its best!



My parents travelled down from Aberdeen and it was lovely to see them for the first time since Christmas and to show them what cheer is which is such an integral part of my University life.



I am going to be so confused when I start my job and not having training with the Vixens on Tuesdays or Thursday. Joining the squad was one of the best decision I made at uni and I would not have had the same experiences without it. Being on committee has taught me a lot, which will be hepful in my future career.

Could not be prouder of all the 2013-2014 Vixens. #vixenlove



Here is a video of our routine from Sunday: