Nike Pro Capri & Bra


One of my many aims before I start work is to get into a better fitness routine and stick to it. In order to start the healthy kick, I decided to buy some new Nike Pro Capri’s and sports bras. My gym wear from first year is knackered and needed an upgrade! What could be better than neon coloured gym wear?

SportsShoes are great stockists of Nike Pro clothing!

A fitness tip I was given was to take a motivational before picture and every few weeks take another picture to monitor your progress. Don’t worry, I won’t be sharing it but I have taken one in my lovely neon purple and pink outfit!

Fitness plan:

  • Two 45 minutes spin a week
  •  Gym once or twice a week
  •  Run once a week
  •  Nike app after each workout

Spinning is my favourite way to get a cardio workout. By pre-paying for a class, I have an incentive to go and not lose out on the money. Working out in a group also helps as I am less conscious about being the sweaty red faced girl! Word of warning for spinning, bring plenty of water and a towel.

The Nike Training Club app has been on my phone for years. The app asks you to create an account and then tracks the total minutes you have been on the app. My total time is seen below. I got into a really good routine of doing the ab workouts a few summers ago. Going to get back into the habit.


You can also favourite workouts which I love. My main goals are to increase my cardio fitness and tone mainly my stomach and legs, as you can clearly see!



Does anybody have any other good fitness tips or ideas for creating a solid workout plan? Will keep you up to date on my progress!