New year, new me. We’ve all no doubt seen this posted multiple times today. There is something about the new year which I do like, the time to reflect on the year past but also look forward to the upcoming year.  This is less a list of resolutions and more goals. Goals being the key word. A goal ks defined as a purpose, or something that you want to achieve. So for me, not something I have to do, something I would like to achieve.

  1. Blog once a week
  2. Cook a new recipe every fortnight 
  3. Read 52 books 
  4. Commit to my London marathon training 
  5. Enjoy more time with no plans 

Blog once a week

This blog has seen me go through a lot of changes. I will admit that it’s the first thing to go when my mental health is starting to suffer. Yet I miss just taking the time to write, enjoying look back at old blog posts. Many of my friends have commented on the blog, how they find it honest and open. I want to continue to share my love of reading and cooking as well as my marathon training. So here’s to writing a post every week.

Cook a new recipe every fortnight

My flat has many cookbooks, no complaints from me. Although I don’t use them enough, falling back on the same fail safe recipes whether for weeknight dinners or for when friends come over. This is a challenge, open a cookbook every two weeks and find a brand new recipe to cook with. Expect plenty of posts on that. 

Read 52 books

I love reading, a lot. As a kid, I used to hide it. Now I fully embrace it. In 2018 I read 52 books, so one a week. This year is no different. My go to is thriller, but I also love books surrounding mental health and sports psychology. 

Commit to my London marathon training 

London, oh London. I’ve spoken about my previous marathons at length. This will be my third marathon, something I never thought I would say. I have a very clear goal and I know what I want. I also know the hard work that comes with it. I am good at getting the runs in, but want to get better at optimising when I do them. E.g have I eaten and drunk enough water? Do I have time to recover. 

Enjoy more time with no plans

The irony of this goal is not lost on me. When I first moved to Glasgow, I used to be up in Aberdeen visiting my parents a lot due to lack of plans. Sometimes crying at how lonely I was. Now, I could not be happier. I have amazing group of friends around me in Glasgow and am constantly busy. I do need to be better at taking proper time out, whether that’s just one evening a week, or a portion of the week. Enjoy time just doing what I want at that moment. Not everything needs to be planned.