Grand Champions.


So this weekend, was amazing. The Vixens managed to hit an almost perfectly clean routine, minus my stunt group having a massive bobble, but we saved it!

This is one of my favourite pictures, flyer’s T-ing before their twists.


Some pretty twist baskets.

IMG_0019 IMG_0028 IMG_0030 IMG_0041

Having been the last team to perform, we had only seen the first routine by York Hornets. So were not sure how we would place, we were against 14 other teams! Our main rivals, Birmingham Pussycats had also hit a fairly clean routine.

Vixens managed a clean sweep at awards. Not only did we win first place, by 0.05 points, which in the cheer world is virtually nothing. We also managed Grand Champions, for highest score of the day for levels 3-6. {After getting full results, we were actually the highest score of the whole competition.}

IMG_0045 IMG_0050

Credit for the routine goes to these two, Ashleigh and Danuta. Ashleigh is also a fellow blogger, her blog is magnetalemonade.

IMG_0054 IMG_0084 IMG_0087

Back to training tonight, another month until our last competition, which will be my last ever as a Vixen. ICC Nationals, is in Nottingham and is the biggest competition with the day starting at 7 and finishing around 10!

After binging on crisps and sugary sweets all weekend, I am going on a detox this week with as much salad and fruit as possible.