Keeping Calm.

I have now finished two of my four exams. I took last night off, for a much needed break. Here are a few things helping to keep me calm.

1. Frozen (and the soundtrack)

I finally got round to watching Frozen,  it is amazing. Love the soundtrack so much.


This website is lovely. Choose a scene, play some music and drift off for a bit.

3. A quote that my Mum sent me.


That I have since re-created as a background for my phone and desktop.


Such a positive spin on struggling. I admit I do struggle with my course and get upset at it, but I’ve been trying to look on the positive side after reading this quote.

4. Norah Jones

One of my all time favourite albums.

5. More water/less coffee

I have tried to moderate the amount of coffee I drink. Instead of my first thing in the morning cup, I have been trying to wait as long as possible before having it! Drinking water seems to be working to wake me up.