Life Update

So, this blog. My little old piece of the internet. It’s been awhile. 6 months in fact. A lot has happened between then and now. I figured it best to give my life update through the medium of Instagram. I promise to try and write more regularly again. I’ve missed the outlet of this place. Writing about my love for a book, or my running training schedule, or my mental health.

The past 6 months have had the highest highs and lowest lows is basically the life update. The come down post London Marathon and struggling with motivation to train, yet the excitment for officially getting to go back to London with a good for age time. The rollercoaster of emotions with buying my first flat, getting to decorate it but all the tears and stress in between. Got plenty of ideas for new posts, from my new found love for interiors and making sure there is always a pop of colour namely teal or grey, to enjoying cooking again in my new kitchen, to baking recipes I’ve done from melting moments to scones.

In short, here’s to Coffee & Confetti. All it stands for, although the name hasn’t changed, the sentiment in a sense has. It’s evolved, when I started this blog I never expected it to focus so much on reading or mental health. Yet it has. So the coffee aspect is a metaphor of sitting down to talk with others about mental health, with a coffee. Whilst the confetti is celebrating the good that’s all around us, add some glitter to someone’s card. Guaranteed you will get a text complaining about it, but with a secret smile.