Reflections on 21.


Today is my 22nd birthday. The past year has been a whirlwind and provided me with a steep learning curve to life. I managed to squeeze in a lot into the past year.

I decided to mark my birthday by compiling a list of 21 things I learnt/did/experienced/found out about myself whilst being 21. I am both excited and nervous for being 22 and enjoying the remaining few months of my masters before post-graduate life in Glasgow beings with the responsibility of a job and my own flat.

1. Got my BEng degree.
2. Secured a graduate job for September. Hello working girl/life.
3. Started this blog!
4. Gave blood, something I was not expecting to do ever.
5. Switched from bronzer to blush. Yes this is a major thing for me. I used to have rosy red cheeks, admitting I was too pale for the bronzer look was big!
6. Ran 10 miles in the Great South Run. I am really looking forward to doing a half marathon in the future.
7. Learnt how to deal with expectations and dealing with failure. My masters is tough.
8. Persuaded my boyfriend he liked fish, so I could have more of it in my diet and cook with it.
9. Learnt how to run a committee of girls and how I work in a leadership role and how to be a better team player.
10. Learnt the importance of taking care of myself both mentally and physically.
11. Found a love of white wine.
12. Started to learn the importance of money and savings. When to spend on quality, even if it hurts the bank balance!
13. Finally saw Ben Howard. After failing to see him the first time I went.
14. Lived by myself for 10 weeks. Learnt the importance of locking my door.
15. Learnt the importance of communication and team work in an office environment.
16. Found out I love power dressing. Heels and skirts for the win, a lovely change from my usual jeans, jumper and boots combination.
17. Fell in love with Europe and coffee culture.
18. Prepared for my first Christmas in the flat. By buying my own Christmas tree in the sales. Slightly over-keen.
19. Knowing my limits. Accepting it’s okay to not be able to do everything. Learnt how to let go.
20. Became more confident driving in the UK and in a manual.
21. Finally started using my slr camera again.

Whilst some of these are materialistic and others slightly deeper. I have struggled throughout my masters and being able to admit you are struggling is difficult. Starting this blog over Christmas was a great way for me to do something for myself and to start using my camera.

Here’s to 22.