The New Forest.

Oh Sunshine! How I have missed you. Sunday was such a perfect summer day. Ben and I decided to take a trip to the New Forest complete with a picnic. The first place we stopped at was just a trail, but 15 minutes later we found a huge parking area with plenty of grass. However, we were surrounded by cows and the horses!

After setting up the picnic, we were greeted by a visitor. Never seen Ben more scared/uncomfortable. Naturally, I just laughed and took pictures.

You aren’t supposed to touch the animals, so we weren’t sure how to get rid of it! Eventually the horse got bored and moved on.

Such a geek, but I love pretty contrails.

Made some couscous salad for the picnic!

Picnic essentials – crisps, lemonade and sunscreen.

After our picnic and a short walk we decided to jump back into the car and head to my Dad’s favourite place in the South, Lymington. We grabbed some ice cream and sat beside the harbour, people and boat watching.

Please weather stay like this forever!