Uneven Keel

The last few weeks, I have been fairly off keel. Nothing has gone that wrong, but equally nothing was going swimmingly. My Mum pointed out that I had got my perspective wrong and everything was off balance. She was right. Nothing beats the sensation of sailing up-wind, hiking hard and managing to hit that sweet spot on a boat, but with that you get the downside of the potential to capsize. Essentially, I capsized and couldn’t see past the fact I capsized.

Whenever I think I’ve beaten depression, it finds a way to worm itself back in. Am I as bad as this time two years ago? No. Will I always suffer? Probably. Luckily I know my warnings sign. Not sleeping, lack of motivation for the gym and yo-yo eating. Writing this has helped put everything into context. For any sailors out there, the up-wind leg of the race, always leads to down-wind, which in my opinion is way more fun.