Why more girls should code.


My main observation from doing an engineering degree, there is not many girls at all. 10 on my Bachelor’s and 4 on my Master’s. Needless to say I stand out with my blonde hair and hot pink glasses.

If you say the words code or technology to people, they tend to envisage guys with long greasy hair, in the dark wasting hours away. Whilst that may be the stereotype, it is far from the norm. Girls may still be the minority but they do exist. The people I worked with on my technology internship were from a range of degrees and backgrounds. One of my bosses had done in a PhD in Physics! Not a typical computer science degree.

Why should more people (particularly girls) learn to code? This video sums up my views.

Every single company needs technology and code, from the bank to create apps for you to check your balance, to online shopping to create a database which stores the items in stock, to cars to have the fancy interface on the dashboard we all love. Coding is everywhere, from Google to Target.

International Women’s Day was yesterday, 8th March and one of the favourite events that I saw was the We Code Unconference. I am such a strong believer in getting more women into technology.

A company which really caught my attention during the SuperBowl was GoldieBlox. A company which is aiming to inspire girls to get into engineering, by getting rid of the Barbie aisle and having more girls toys for building.