London Marathon 2018

Finding out I got into London Marathon for 2018, is something I don’t think I will ever forget. Not the usual acceptance e-mail or magazine, but a personalised video from Sir Mo Farah himself congratulating me! It was certainly a great start to a Monday.

I have no idea how I managed to win a place on ballot entry. I also have no idea how, London Marathon chose my name amongst about 10 others to get personalised videos! It was a great marketing campaign for them, #LondonMarathon quickly started trending on twitter, as well as creating a moment itself on twitter. The number of good luck or how cool is that messages I received was rather amazing. Social Media often gets a negative rep, but the positivity and support from something as simple as getting into a marathon was rather remarkable. My parents were just as excited as I was about the video! Mo knew my name for a whole 2 seconds.

Mo told me on a Monday, that’s it you are in. But I hadn’t received the infamous magazine or e-mail from London Marathon itself. It’s not that I didn’t trust Mo, but the devil is in the details. Luckily by Thursday the magazine had turned up!

London Marathon

I definitely watched the video on repeat, before it dawned on me, this is it marathon number 2. I know I can do it, having done Stirling Marathon before. This is part of the reason, I’ve decided to restart the blog. In training for Stirling, writing my blogs about my marathon training, helped me process, the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s great for reflection and was a good way to share how I honestly was feeling. Which was mainly a combination of tired, hungry and fed up!

My goals for London Marathon are simple. The last one is scary to admit, and most definitely a long shot, it’s my gold medal goal if you like, unlikely to happen, but admitting I’d like to try is a step in itself.

  1. Start the marathon – sounds silly, but you have to get through all the training and make it to the start line
  2. Finish the marathon injury free
  3. Run sub 3:45, just under 4 minutes off my Stirling time
  4. Run sub 3:35, get the Unicorn and a Boston Qualifying time, as I said a long shot

Expect the return of Marathon Monday’s from 2018, weekly moans and groans about my training. I have a few other running blog post ideas in my head, from winter kit to carb heavy meals. Is there any other posts you would like to see in the lead up to London Marathon?