Mobility Tools

If there is one thing I have learnt this marathon training cycle, apart from how much I hate this long winter, it’s the importance of mobility and having mobility tools. Disclaimer, I hate stretching and doing all of the mobility work. I would much rather just spend that extra 20-30 minutes a day running. Since getting a coach, I have definitely noticed a difference since spending the time doing both Yoga with Adriene videos and the mobility work.

Mobility Tools

Mobility Tools are fairly easy to purchase. Yes foam rollers are available at the gym I go to. But I don’t really want to be rolling my hip flexors in public. Somethings are just better done at home. My trick is to put something on TV and sort of multi-task, helps with the pain. Doing mobility work is sore, but it definitely helps in the long run for both your long runs and overall ability to recover.

Foam Roller

Mobility Tools - Foam Roller

Mobility Tools - Foam Roller

The first piece of mobility equipment I ever invested in. Did I use it much, no. Foam rolling your back is oddly nice and quite a comfy way of sitting, just me?

Yoga Mat

Mobility Tools - Yoga Mat

Mobility Tools - Yoga Mat

My previous yoga/gym mat was about 15 years old and quite small. This Sweaty Betty matt is pricey, but can often be found in the sales. It’s really long which is good for Warrior poses. Although, the logo has started to rub off due to continued usage.

Lacrosse Ball

Mobility Tools - Lacrosse Ball

How can one ball be so painful? Got a niggle roll on over this ball continually. Got a tight spot, dig the ball into the spot and apply pressure. It’s sore but it works!

Resistance Band and Full Length Resistance Band 

Mobility Tools - Resistance Bands

Great for stretching and muscle activation. Often used to stretch a particular muscle, or to work on engaging the right muscles in squats or lunges. The full length band comes with a set of instructions which is handy.

Spiky Ball

Mobility Tools - Spiky Ball

Mobility Tools - Spiky Ball

Much like the lacrosse ball, this is another sore one.


Mobility Tools - PediRoller

For a few months I had Plantar fasciitis, which is best described as constants pins and needles on the sole of the foot. Mornings in particular were painful, having not been on my feet for 7+ hours. The worst bit is there is no real treatment, you can’t just stop walking etc. Tell a runner to stop running and just wait for the grumpy look of disgust. Mine was brought on after wearing old trainers for too long. The roller can be put in the freezer for maximum relief. Rolling your foot over this will cause you to grimace slightly but it does work wonders.

All of the items bar the yoga mat, are available on Amazon. obviously, Amazon do also sell yoga mats, just not the one I have. There is often 3 for 2 deals on much of the equipment. If you are looking to buy, make sure to get ones with bags to store the equipment or how-to-use guides. Both are surprisingly useful.

Mobility work is still not my best friend, but it’s definitely becoming more of a habit.