Marathon Monday #1

Following on from last year’s 1000 mile posts, I thought I would change up how I blog about my running. So introducing Marathon Monday, named after the infamous Boston Marathon which yes, takes place on a Monday. Here we have  Marathon Monday #1.

Marathon Monday #1

Confession, I am three weeks into my training plan and have yet to complete a full week. In the last few weeks, life has just happened. I’ve tried to get up before work to run, but haven’t been sleeping great. Or as the case of last weekend, I hadn’t eaten enough or consumed enough salt, went to yoga and had severe cramp. Holding my leg in the air was causing cramp and walking the next day hurt.

The marathon is also a totally different mindset, for me it’s slower. For my last half, I was doing sub 8 minute miles. There is no way I could sustain that for the full 26.2 miles. So instead I am hoping for sub 4 hours, which is over 9 minute miles. It has taken a lot of getting used to, not stressing about the splits. Or actually just going out and enjoying the run.

My plan has me doing a lot of 7 mile runs, followed by the inevitable Sunday long run. For the 7 milers, I’ve been trying to find slightly different routes. Although with it being dark pre and post work, I am quite limited in my routes! Roll on the longer evenings and return to the parks.

So here is to running slow and steady as I progress into my marathon training. For anyone who ever run up Gardner Street in Partick, have you ever noticed that is says SLOW in the pavement?

Total training distance – 100.2 miles in 3 weeks.

Marathon Monday #1 - Training Log