An Open Letter

An open letter to myself,

Hey Fie,

Go easy on yourself. Your cards haven’t all aligned and the jokers shown his face a fair few times. It’s okay that you’ve not got it all together, take a chill pill. Literally.

So you’ve lost your motivation for training and running, but you’ve ultimately not lost the love for it. Remember that. Go easy on yourself. You know you can do the BQ one day, just not next weekend. Go and soak up the atmosphere that is London Marathon. Enjoy having the opportunity to run it again, many would love too. Enjoy the bridge, and the quiet of Canary Wharf to that final bend past Buckingham Palace.

Guess what your life’s not Instagram perfect, nor is being a home owner. Funny what no one tells you. From unwanted pianos, to having to shave doors, to the red wall. to leaking windows and walls to a visit from the mould monster. You’ll look back and laugh at it all one day, nothing is ever perfect. The flat is yours, well mostly the banks, but still some of it is yours. With your now infamous Flamingo Fie’s bar and all the splashes of teal and pink imaginable. It’s your sanctuary, your comfort zone. Many a memory already had, many more to come. From seeing the Wavelery pass the window to having many a bake piled high on your cake stand.

Health is more evident in its importance to you, with all that’s been happening. You need to make the time for you, whether that’s saying no to another pressure, or going to a yoga class or just allowing yourself to have no plans. Remember the tears of time gone past, when a weekend or weeknight with no plans left you with dread. Now you have to remind yourself to slow it down and go easy on yourself.

Remember it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to not have it all together and it’s okay to go easy on yourself.

Fie x