Back to College

My Tuesday nights are no longer spent running, they are now back in a College classroom studying. Something I never thought I would want to do. Someone at work recommended a course at a local college, called an Introduction to Mental Health. So far its fascinating, the mix of people studying and their reasons for wanting to be there, as well as the course itself.

From the definition of mental health and the stigma related to the phrase itself, to the history so far. In my head mental health sounds a lot more positive than mental illness. Health seems to indicate wellbeing, whilst illness a disease and fear. I am still a firm believer in suffering from a mental illness or poor mental health, is as a result of being resilient for too long. So often we are taught to take care of ourselves physically, but not emotionally.

One of the case studies we looked at was the asylums that existed in the 1900s. Including, how treatment and understanding is vastly different to what it is today. Watching the BBC documentary sent shivers down my spine, particularly for the use of drugs with such little knowledge of the long term effects.