Mental Health Awareness Week

IMG_0309I found this photo last night on my way home and I found it so accurate. My anxiety can appear out of no where – ballooning up in side of me, which causes the smallest things to become a big deal when in point of fact there not. Days later I’ll try and work out what I was feeling anxious about and I just can’t place it. Putting a more “honest” post on social media can help – and acts as a good reminder that it’s okay to not be okay. This week is mental health awareness week so it seemed a good time to post a few things which have been helping me in the last few weeks. All of the tips revolve around creating me time and distracting myself from my thoughts and just doing something else.

Throwing on my trainers and some leggings and just going for a walk, not running, no end goal, just a walk to clear my head. I too often put pressure on myself to go that extra mile or sprint that extra bit and if I don’t I can spend hours beating myself up about. Going out with the sole intention of just walking – a breathe of fresh air.


Put a candle on, close the curtains and watch a TV series in bed. I did this for the first time in months on Tuesday night and it felt amazing.

IMG_0286 Eat breakfast outside, even for 10 minutes it was like sitting in a cafe, apart form the fact it was a mid week morning and freezing.  Pretty sure a strong cup of coffee and some cold wind can solve a lot.


One thing I’m terrible for not doing enough is just putting my phone away. I check my phone way too much and scroll aimlessly, which doesn’t achieve anything and can lead to negative thoughts about feeling left out, or not living my 20s the fullest. I want to start putting my phone in another room for an hour, and build it up to decrease my dependency on it. Enjoy reading my book and drinking my coffee with no distractions.