Pressure and Expectations

Expectations and pressure. Go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other. Pressure creates expectations. Expectations we set on ourselves or set upon us. Going into London Marathon training, I had a clear goal and as a result a lot of pressure. I’ve always set fairly high expectations on myself. Which definitely has a

April Books

April Books

Turns out I read quite a lot this month. 6 books to be exact, bringing my yearly total to 20 books. I need to get out more!   The Woman in Cabin 10 This is a page turner, a proper want to read it all in one night thriller. Was there a woman in Cabin


Fie’s Friday | Bramble

Summer cocktails, should be short and sweet. The ideal candidate being the classic Bramble.  Originating from the 1980s, it's the definition of a classic cocktail, created by Dick Bradsell. I love the simple ingredients list of a Bramble, with a few bits of fresh fruit. I will always have gin and sugar syrup and Creme

An Open Letter

An open letter to myself, Hey Fie, Go easy on yourself. Your cards haven’t all aligned and the jokers shown his face a fair few times. It’s okay that you’ve not got it all together, take a chill pill. Literally. So you’ve lost your motivation for training and running, but you’ve ultimately not lost the