An Open Letter

An open letter to myself, Hey Fie, Go easy on yourself. Your cards haven’t all aligned and the jokers shown his face a fair few times. It’s okay that you’ve not got it all together, take a chill pill. Literally. So you’ve lost your motivation for training and running, but you’ve ultimately not lost the

March Books

March Books

March was a slowly reading month, a lot on and not enough time dedicated to just reading. 14 books overall for the year, so staying just on schedule. Bad Blood Shocking. No other words to describe Theranos and the lies that Elizabeth Holmes created. There is so much to digest in this biography, from the

Passionfruit Cosmo

Fie’s Friday | Passionfruit Cosmo

What do you get when you add a slightly fruity twist to a classic cosmo? A brighter and more instagram friendly, passionfruit Cosmo.   Since my  original cosmo post, I have updated to these classic LSA cocktail glasses, again partly for the instagram appeal, but also because it somehow tastes better if it's in the