Chasing Excellence

Chasing Excellence

Approximately over a week ago, I ended up watching Fittest on Earth on Netflix. For context, I had just done Run the Blades and was in chill out mode before Angel-Angel. So with ice-cream in hand, I sat and watched the film. This has led to a bit of an out of nowhere CrossFit obsession. Following all the athletes on social media, watching endless documentaries and interviews. With the 2017 CrossFit games starting tomorrow, Ben Bergeron, coach to both the fittest man and woman on earth, has released a book. Chasing Excellence is brilliant, whether you are a cross-fitter or not. I’m very much in the not camp, but am in awe of the athletes and what they push their bodies through.

Chasing Excellence is brilliant. I have highlighted a lot of this book in my Kindle. So much so, I have ordered a physical copy to highlight in the real. So much of sport and pushing yourself, is mind over matter. Marathon training very much taught me that.

Excellence is maximizing everything you have in the categories that matter to your long-term goals.

Ben definitely hits the nail on the head with that one. Honestly, I didn’t do everything for my first marathon, nutrition wasn’t on point, neither was sleep. That’s okay, its something to strive for next time. I love the phrase itself chasing excellence, almost suggesting that excellence isn’t just naturally available, you have to graft, hard to achieve it.

The problem with limiting yourself to training, practicing, and living within your comfort zone is that it prevents you from growing and reaching your full potential.

Oh this quote, if ever if I needed a poster. Since the marathon, I have just been plodding along, not really trying, just doing the miles without thought. If I do want to break some PBs this year, or early next, I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and get out of my comfort zone.