Currently Reading | An American Marriage

When Oprah suggests a book, you know it’s going to be good. An American Marriage featured in both The Stylist and Oprah’s Book Club. It was definitely one of those books that you can’t put down and one I already want to read again.

The book is as shocking as it is thought provoking. Bringing up topics about race, religion,  prison, love, marriage and human rights. The book centers around a married American couple (rather as the title suggests). Roy and Celestial, married just a year when Roy is wrongfully imprisoned. What follows is a tale of how love changes in an instant as physical walls and barriers are put up.

The theme of marriage and entitlement is definitely food for thought. Celestial feel like she is Roy’s wife, she is referred to as his. The context of this and her belonging to someone, as opposed to being an equal in the marriage is constant throughout the book. As if Celestial is only defined by being someone’s wife, never her own to feet. Roy never referred to as her husband and belonging to her. Yet you have the other extreme with a black women running a highly successful business in the deep south, a feat in itself.

The injustice and talk of race is uncomfortable. It’s meant to be. There is no avoiding the subject. It can be a tough read at points as there has been many cases and examples of racism in the States.