Currently Reading | Big Little Lies.


Big Little Lies or Little Lies here in the UK is a book about a group of Australian mothers who are the parents that gossip at the school gates. I was hooked from the start, not knowing what happened on that fateful trivia night but you know that it happens due to each chapter reminding you of the timeline to the trivia night.

Growing up you assume that girls stop being nasty when they leave school, apparently being back at the school gates is just reincarnation for many. The chance to shine through their kindergarten toddler.

My favourite quote is “Little People, Little Problems” how often have we all fretted over something that a week later is almost irrelevant. Definitely going to remind myself of this at points.

I watched the below video of Reese Witherspoon being interviewed by Vogue, it’s the last book she had read so I decided to give it a try. Thanks Reese for the recommendation!