Currently Reading | The Chimp Paradox

My desire to read psychology books continues. I was lucky enough to hear Dr. Steve Peters give an hours presentation at work. Immediately after, I went out and bought his book The Chimp Paradox. Let’s just say it all makes sense, it’s a great model which explains why we all react the way we do.

The Chimp Paradox

Ever reacted to something in the heat of the moment and then regretted it approximately 15 minutes later? Well, in The Chimp Paradox, it’s your chimp that responds. Dr. Peters has a model, which explains how our brains work, we have a human, a chimp and a computer, which processes the response from both the human and the chimp. I won’t do the model justice but it really does hit a nerve for me. The model explains how we need the chimp, rather than fight it we need to learn to live with it, or better yet become friends with it.

Dr. Peters has done a lot of work with athletes, to help them with their anxiety and to understand their own reactions. Notable clients, include British Cycling’s Sir Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. It’s amazing to see so many athletes talking about mental health and trying to understand how to better their performance,. All without changing anything psychical.

Yet again, my phone is awash with photos of the book to reference for later. A particular personal note is around being a Mushroom worrier, or suffering with mushroom syndrome. If you have nothing to worry about, then finding something. 100% me, I get worried if I don’t worry, and worry over things that I cannot change or do anything about. I have pointed out this habit to friends. As well as asking them to tell me to stop being a mushroom worrier when I do it in the future.