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The Confidence Code is a brilliant book written by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman. Discussing what confidence is and how to “find” it.

The Confidence Code

This year I am really enjoying self-help/motivational books. A few years ago when I finished university, I relished in the idea of never having to learn again. Oh how wrong I was. I miss the act of learning, so to combat this have been enjoying a lot of non fiction books. Confidence is a funny thing. How men and women wear it is very different. The most confident person you know, may actually work very hard at it. It’s a combination of many things, genes, environment, outlook, perception.

Brenda Major is quoted as saying;

One way to think about confidence, is how sure you are that you have the skills you need to succeed in doing a particular thing.

In that case, honestly, my confidence from a work perspective, would be pretty low. I know what I want to do, but because I have never done the role, I know in myself I would not be confident. Which is silly, I know I have the skills, I have just never applied them. So already, we can see how confidence plays havoc on our mindset.

Another quote from the book;

Confidence is linked to doing.

So as above, once I have been in my current role for a few months and have done the tasks, in theory my confidence should grow. I loved the Confidence Code, and would recommend it to anyone, wanting to understand their own confidence better. I have screenshots of many a page in my phone, in a development folder. So when I am struggling, I can re-read quotes that meant a lot to me.

On a personal note and the one time I specifically remember confidence is sailing in Dubai. I had just got my first boat, a Topper, and was out sailing, not far form shore. I turtled the boat (fully inverted). When I re-righted the boat, I went to shore an was a quivering wreck. A man at the sailing club, insisted I go back out, right there and then, so to not knock my confidence totally. Through gritted teeth, I went back out. Which meant the next time I went sailing, the last time hadn’t been the capsize incident. So by the end of the day, my confidence had been knocked but it had slightly been built back up.