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Defining Decade

If there was a book that I wish I had read years ago, it would be this, Defining Decade. So much of it just resonated on so many levels. Having always enjoyed school and getting report cards, it was easy to know how well you were doing at life. So seeing it so blankly put in the book, with other twenty-somethings having the same thing was like oh it’s not just me.

“Talia continued. “In school there was a formula. It was pretty easy to figure out what to do so you’d know where you stand. You’d know you were living up to your potential. Sometimes I think I should just go to graduate school because it would sound better and I could get A’s again. I don’t know how to get an A in my twenties. I feel like I am failing for the first time.””

So Talia, whoever you are, thank you for attending clinic with Dr. Jay. Dr. Jay thanks for including it in the book. News flash, I still don’t know how to get an A in my twenties, the supposed defining decade. That is A-Okay. It really is. I have good days, bad days, great days, crap days. It’s all apart of it.

I have highlighted so much of Defining Decade, from one line quotes, to entire paragraphs. The book itself is based on Dr. Jay’s years of clinical psychological, each chapter is filled with thoughts from meetings with various twenty year olds. Another point, which again relates back to school and education, is the lack of semester/terms to define time. Yet, I know I constantly refer to sections of the year, based on school terms. Having my life defined by these chunks of time, for so long, three years out, it’s still a struggle not to relate back.

As ever with any book I love, there tends to have been a Ted Talk.