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Fates and Furies

So often you have to re-start a book to actually enjoy it. This was the case for both Fates and Furies and the first ever Harry Potter book. For HP, I was slightly too young when I first started reading it, six months later I was obsessed. With Fates and Furies, I just didn’t enjoy the first 20 or so pages that I read. So I started another book. Currently, I have a list of books to read, and Fates and Furies was next up.

Luckily, it is actually a great book. I can fully see why it got the praise it did, from Obama to being on many highly acclaimed lists back in 2015. As you would imagine, the book is split into two sections. Fates is from the husband’s perspective, Lotto. Whilst Furies is from the wife’s Mathilde. It is interesting how both perceive the other, with the truth about each character becoming more apparent in Furies. Lotto was not my favourite, I found him arrogant and brash. Yet, Mathilde is brilliant, as both the shy timid wife and the twisted character she is, with many secrets.

The book has drawn comparisons with Gone Girl. Personally, I don’t see it. Gone Girl was much more of a thriller, whilst Fates and Furies is more of a love story. As with all books that have been in my to-read pile, I can’t remember how I learnt of this book. Something I am going to start writing down!