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Get Your Sh*t together

Need some honest, tough love? Read Get Your Sh*T together. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh but also a lot of oh, I do that moments. Or rather for me their was a lot of Oh, yeah I do that. The book is split into 4 big chapters, from the meaning of getting your sh*t together, through from little to large. Throughout the book an analogy of the 3 Chipmunks are used to describe different types of people. I am very much a Simon – keeps up appearances, but bottles things up, type a, ocd etc.

I bought this as a physical book, so took a lot of photos of the book, to either share with friends or remind myself. Pieces that held extremely true for me included not sacrificing your mental or physical health when trying to get your life together. One thing I do all to often, run myself ragged, trying to achieve everything in one day. Then getting stressed when I had put too much on the list in the first place. I loved the advice given on lists, take your list, highlight the things that must be done today. Do them. If you manage to get something done form your rolling list, then high five!

My favourite chapter in Get Your Sh*t Together, was on mental health and anxiety and failure. Failing my masters still affects me. Slowly though, I am getting better at letting myself fail again. The fear of failure is often paralysing to someone with anxiety, and is just as painful as failing itself.

My favourite quote from the book is:

Life is like an adult colouring book. You simply work your way through each little section until the big picture materializes before you.

One I will carry forward and try to remember.

As posted on Instagram, I recently bought a lot of motivation/career/self help books. So expect to see a lot more of these being reviewed on the blog.