Currently Reading | Identical

Identical is a disturbing book. On many levels.


Disturbing yet intriguing and one of those books you just cannot put down. I constantly found myself trying to find more time to read it. Although, not at the start. Identical is written in prose, which initially took me awhile to get used to. Saying that, I eventually found it to be really insightful. The layout of the prose was also, like the book not normal. When the speaker, either twin, Kaeleigh or Raeanne was attending to express an emotion, the layout of the words would express that. So when the twins were feeling love, the text was shaped like a heart. Or a question mark, for a question. One specific page really stands out as the lines are in an almost puzzle format. So you could read the conversation in a few different ways, very clever indeed.

The subject of Identical, sexual assault/rape and mental health is not a comfortable read. Yet it is really compelling. Kaeleigh and Raeanne are identical twins, sharing the same room. Yet their father chooses to only assault one of them. The effects and emotions on both twins is clear throughout the book.

Identical is definitely in the young adult genre, but that doesn’t make the book anyless thought provoking. I will definitely be reading more of Ellen Hopkins books.