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The Kind Worth Killing

You can’t beat a good thriller novel, one that you can properly get lost in. The Kind Worth Killing was definitely this. The premise is simple, a man meets a female pre boarding a transatlantic flight in a bar. It’s not what you think. The man confesses to wanting to kill his wife, to which the lady offers to help. I love books that switches perspective, so found the switching between characters great. It’s perfect for then just reading a chapter at a time. However once I worked out the first of the twists, I couldn’t put the book down. Especially when you find out a fictional way to get away with multiple murders.

Admittedly, The Kind Worth Killing was published in 2015, so I am a bit a late to the party, but it makes for the perfect beach read. Equally with the weather starting to turn, and the nights drawing in, it’s perfect weekend read with a few cups of coffee and fine pieces.

Unsuriprisingly, all good books become films. Rumour has it, The Kind Worth Killing will star Amber Heard, but as who Miranda (the wife), or Lily (the lady in the airport).