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Like many girls in their early 20s, my first introduction to Professor Green was by the tabloids when he first started dating Millie Mackintosh. Then I quickly realised that the Read All About It song which I knew all the words to, was actually his rather incredible song. Only now having read his book do I fully understand the actual significance of the lyrics. Last year, BBC 3 did a documentary with Professor Green regarding suicide and mental health stigma. At the end of the show I sat crying for awhile, it was so powerful seeing such a successful artist talking openly about the issues and being honest with his experiences.

This is a very honest autobiography, from explaining the name Professor Green, yup it’s exactly what is implied, to run ins with the police and all the late night debauchery in between. This makes for a fascinating insight into the events that caused so many of his hits. The front cover which so clearly shows the scar from the stabbing is a great node to the honesty inside the book.

Professor Green had various reflections on depression, which really did hit home:

my Dad had always seemed upbeat and jolly. I began to realise that it’s often people who outwardly appear the most content who are hiding an inner darkness.

I had friends who cared and tried to cheer me up, but everything I’d achieved seemed to be in the past.