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Missing Presumed

Missing Presumed is a classic thriller. If you enjoyed Gone Girl, Missing Presumed will be right up your street. It has some interesting comments on society, how we treat different classes and how the police react to someone who is missing. As expected, there was plenty of twists and turns in the plot. Some I saw, others I didn’t. Without giving too much away, I liked how the police dealt with one of the twists, and it would be interesting to know if such investigations do occur in real life. I would also love to find out, if the cost of investigating Edith’s missing case is an accurate reflection on what it costs in real life.

The paperback version is actually cheaper than the kindle version on Amazon. If you have a winter holiday booked, definitely pack this into your hand luggage.

Some of my favourite books growing up were the John Grisham novels. I loved books that had an individual plotline, but the characters progressed much like a TV series. Missing Presumed is the first in a series of novels about DS Manon Bradshaw. Her second book, Persons Unknown is out this June.