Currently Reading | The Power

The Power, a book about a group of girls who wake up to find they have power. The power being electrical jolts from their fingers. It’s not what you expect the book to be at all. Initally I thought this book would just be an easy read, much like the girls with the travelling pants, aka the girls gain some power/luck. However, I was amazed at this book. The premise of women gaining the power, as opposed to men is so relevant in 2017. The events leading up to the rise of the power and the revolts is remarkable. It is an interesting twist and comment on society, how different the world could be if women were deemed to have the same amount of power as men. It was also fascinating to read from a man’s perspective how they felt not having the upper hand.

A quote that really stood out to me:

It is only that every day one grows a little, every day something is different, so that in the heaping up of days suddenly a thing that was impossible has become possible. This is how a girl becomes a grown woman. Step by step until it is done.