Currently Reading | Pretty Girls

Is there anything better then getting lost in a book? I got totally engrossed in Pretty Girls and read it in a day. Including the staying up way passed my bedtime to read it.

Pretty Girls

Pretty Girls is another book I found through Goodreads, after one of my favourite bloggers, Carly of College Prepster posted about reading this book next. What a book it was. A classic thriller. Just when you think you have worked out what is going, their is yet another twist to the plot. Up until the last few chapters I was constantly guessing. It also took me a long time, to work out how all the characters were fully related. Once I had figured that out it only made the book that more intriguing.

I always find it interesting to see how other people find books I have read. A sort of virtual book club if you will. Jackie Cooper’s article for Huffington Post, sums the book up perfectly. In places, yes it is extremely graphic. Yet it makes the book even more of a page turner.

I could definitely see this book becoming a bestseller and it would not surprise me if this eventually got made into a film!