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Ready to Run

Ready to Run has been on my to read list for the past year. I had started to read it a few months ago, but to be honest, didn’t see the point in all this mobility stuff. Fast forward to now and I very much do. Bizarrely, I have a copy of Dr. Starrett’s other book, Becoming a Supple Leopard. If you like Ready to Run is the crib notes of Becoming a Supple Leopard. Ready to Run explains the why, Supple Leopard the how, in great photographic detail.

As part of my London Marathon training, I am trying to commit to doing mobility and yoga every day. Part of Starrett’s no days off in terms of maintenance mantra. As the book says, by all means, take a day off from running or cross-train when you have a niggle or injury. Just not from mobility work, ten minutes a day, every day may be hard, but it’s going to help build a stronger body overall.

Days Off policy. While taking an occasional day off from training is prudent and built into most running programs, there are no days off when it comes to maintenance. Even on the busiest of days, you can commit to finding 10 minutes for mobility work.

Admittedly, I am not good at warming up or cooling down pre or post run. I am very much the described office athlete. I think about my training only when I am training, without much consideration for the other hours in the day. The analogy that really hit home was about the inverse relationship between time training and amount of warm-up. Sprinters race for up to 20 seconds a race. Yet they spend hours warming up and cooling down. My personal preference of running, is longer distance so won’t require the same amount of discipline for warm up. However, it does still require some warm-up. Another goal, along with mobility is to be better at warming up. The idea of easing into the first mile, as opposed to straight into a speedy mile.

Ready to Run gives the 12 standards for a person to be ready to run. Other takeaways for me are hydration and compression. I did not realise, until this book, that a human loses 3 liters of water a day. I do not drink enough water, there is no two ways about it. The standard new year goal of drinking more water, but one I really need to take into considertation. I do try and take Nuun after a hard workout. Compression tights are very much on my to buy at some point list!