Currently Reading | Rising Strong

Rising Strong has been on my to read list for over a year. I started it Christmas 2016, but never quite finished it. I overloaded myself with non-fiction books. Fast forward a year and I restarted Rising Strong.

Rising Strong

As I had already started Rising Strong, it was interesting seeing what my past self had highlighted in the kindle as important. The book itself is lovely, every few chapters have a beautiful quote like the one below.


Disappointment is unmet expectations, and the more significant the expectations, the more significant the disappointment.

I love the quote on disappointment. Personally, it goes back to my failing my masters at University. It doesn’t eat at me as much as it used to. However, at the time, I had high expectations of myself, my ability and desire to get a masters. In the end it wasn’t to be. The result, as the formula above implies, huge disappointment due to such high expectations of myself.

we don’t judge people when we feel good about ourselves.

Judgement is a bitter pill. I sometimes judge others, especially though the magical filter that is social media. I judge those who are seemingly living a better life than me, whether with friends or travelling or whatever. As Rising Strong author, Brenè Brown says, it means I am not feeling good about myself for whatever reason.

Another brilliant concept from the book, I am definitely going to take away is the SFD. Shitty first draft, when you are feeling peeved or whatever, let the emotion pour out, write it all down, rant, rage. Eventually, you will have had the rumble, the roar. Then eventually the true emotion to what you are feeling will come out. Journalling and writing more down is a personal goal of mine. To really pin-point how and why I am feeling such a way.


The Braving concept is another thing I am going to take forward, both personally and at work.

As always with many of the books I love, Brenè Brown has done a Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability. Based on her book, Daring Greatly.